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What it the CSIT?


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For what certificate CSIT are necessary?
What will certificate a CSIT?
What is the voluntary certification?
What certificates on Russia ...

What it the SCIT?

This is a certification system authorized to make voluntary certification in:
  • - all the components of information technologies;
  • - independently from the Customer, Seller, Manufacturer and the GOSSTANDART of Russia;
  • - for correspondence to Russian standards, international standards including ISO 9000, standards of other countries, standards of branches, technical conditions, technical documents, the documents of the user, the standards of the "CSIT" system, as well as any other requirements of the Customer; (an so on as you can see)
  • - This is a certification system to be accepted by all the Russian organizations and companies as well as other countries using the International Standard and Certification Regulations, and the laws of Russia.
  • - This system is an addition to the state certification of the GOSSTANDART of Russia, which develops the latter. GOSSTANDART of Russia registers the "CSIT" with no. ROSS RU.3033.04IF00 according to the Russian Law "On Certification of Products and Services".
The purposes of the System are:
  • - to support the Consumers in rational choosing of products or services;
  • - to protect the Consumer from the Manufacturer's (Seller's, Provider's) unfairness;
  • - to control the products safety for the environment, life, health and property;
  • - to confirm the quality parameters declared by the manufacturer;
  • - to rise the quality as well as the scientific and technical level of the information technology components.

The "CSIT" is completely independent and is not included into any other systems of certification.
Here we guarantee the full confidentiality of any commercial information/
The "CSIT" has got its own Conformity Label.

Scientific potenthial  «CSIT», (number of scientific employees in «CSIT»:

- professors - 3;

- doctors of science - 2;

- candidate of science - 2;

- scientific employees without degree  - 1;

- post-graduates - 2.

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