"CSIT" will certificate applied software:

  1. Software on PCs communication, processing systems, programmed devices
    PC software, software of processing systems, other programmed devices;
  2. Software to be used by various institutions;
  3. Highly specialized software 

Main directions of the applied software certification in "CSIT"?

  • Management automation software.
  • Software for manufacturing processes.
  • Design automation software.
  • Graphic and text editors. 
  • Software on automation of scientific research work and the experiment processing 
    Tools software.
  • Metrology, diagnostic and control systems software.
  • Education software
  • Entertaining software.

At the request of the applicant, "CSIT" certifies the software for their correspondence to the required normative 
documents and parameters stated by the developer in the technical documents as well as the technical requirements of the 
The software can be certified on its quality. "CSIT" makes a research of the corresponding software market, determines the 
requirements to the similar products and can certify your software issuing a document (certificate) confirming the software 
quality. In this case a "Gold", "Silver" or "Bronze" certificate can be issued. 
On the applicant's request "CSIT" can support and certify complicated projects starting from working out the technical 
requirements for those, as well as the control their implementation stages including the final acceptance by the customer and 
eventually their further modernizing and support.