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Software on automation of education

"CSIT" certifies the education software, incl.:

  • Software on organization of education. 
  • Software on compiling of time-tables and schedules, time-tables of using room facilities and labs, teacher time-tables, using the equipment, other devices, transport facilities etc;
  • Office software;
  • Bookkeeping software, financial analysis and reporting software; 
  • Marketing software; 
  • Software to train computer usage; 
  • Software in different subjects for schools, high schools, technical schools and colleges;
  • Software in different subjects for pre-school education (kinder gardens etc.); 
  • Software for home training of pre-school children;
  • Software for home training of school children; 
  • Software to prepare to taking university & college exams;
  • Self-study software; 
  • Game, cognitive and developing software for pre-school and school children as well as adults;
  • Other kinds of software for educational institutions management and automation of education. 

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