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For what certificate CSIT are necessary?


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For what certificate CSIT are necessary?

               According to requirements of the international community in the democratic countries with market economy independent Systems of voluntary certification of production, works and services should function.

               The firm or the physical person, owning the Certificate of a CSIT, shows it the openness before the customer and the buyer, reliability and quality of technological manufacture that is the warranty of products and services.
Each Certificate is registered in the registry and has individual number. By the phone specified in the Certificate, always it is possible to check up its reliability and its owner.
For firms owning the Certificate:
-    Demonstration in the market of information services and manufactures  independent test laboratories of products and services,
-    Acknowledgement (confirmation) of reliability of manufacture,
-    A guarantee of maturity of firm and its gravity of intentions in the offered market of services and manufactures,
-    Advantages before the competitors playing in "dark",
-    The right on increase the price for products and services in comparison with similar production of other firms,
-    Quality surveillance of work of dealers, distributors, , the transport organizations, knowledge with what results production reaches the end user,
-    The right of increase of insistence of quality from suppliers and contractors,
-    Increased requirements to firm personnel.
For experts the Certificate:
-    Shows an official and independent recognition of your abilities,
-    Promotes effective progress on a service ladder,
-    Gives the sure position on a labour market.

Only the ignorant official may not understand, what international registration? RU.3033.04 00 - gives the status to the owner to the Certificate.

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