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What does CSIT certify?


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Sertification of applied software

What does CSIT certify?

The CSIT certifies:
-    Information;
-    Technical, base and applied software;
-    Office equipments;
-    Information technologies;
-    The automated systems of various purpose (assignment);
-    Systems and separate programs of book keeping and production management;
-    Software support services;
-    Hardware and office equipment support services;
-    Paper, magnetic and laser data carriers;
-    Services of the basis of automated prodaction and information technologies;
-    Services of joint-stock company register keepers;
-    Tourist and excursion routes, the excursions, tourist agencies;
-    Operators of the PC (COMPUTER), information and managing systems;
-    Programmers;
-    System managers and engineers;
-    Other experts working in the field of the information processing and transfer;
-    Guides;
-    Documents, information reports, qualuification certificates, technical and user documentation, resumees.

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