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What is the voluntary certification?


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What is the voluntary certification?

     Before to consider (examine) concept of voluntary certification, let's understand - what is "certification"? 

     Now certification of conformity is understood as the action of the third party proving that the necessary confidence that properly identified production is provided, process or service corresponds (meets) to the concrete standard, or other normative document [1]. Thus in system of certification of GOST R the concept of certification is realized.    

     Voluntary certification will be carried out (spent) when strict observance of requirements of existing standards or other normative documentation on production, services or processes by the state are not stipulated, i.e. when standards or norm do not concern safety requirements and have voluntary character for a commodity producer, for example a series of standards of GOST R ISO 9000 about models of systems of quality at the enterprises [1]. The need (requirement) for voluntary certification occurs at development of free market attitudes (relations). The manufacturer wants to receive independent acknowledgement (confirmation) of qualitative and other advantages before the buyer and goes on voluntary certification. 

     Objects of voluntary certification may be: production, technological processes, services, systems of quality of the enterprises, the personnel. Voluntary certification is distributed to those components of production which are outside obligatory requirements for performance on safety. Voluntary certification limits access on the market of bad quality production. Voluntary certification checks efficiency, reliability, эстетичность and other consumer parameters.

Voluntary certification does not substitute obligatory. It does not forbid to sell production or services. It informs the buyer on a condition of the goods. It struggles for the client.

For example "CSIT" at certification and the inspection control gives the report in which specifies weak places of production and services and prompts a way of perfection.

The literature:

1. Sergeev A.G., Latyshev M.V. Certification. M.: Logos, 2000.

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