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What certificates on Russia ...


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What certificates on Russia and where among them the Certificate of a CSIT "walk"?

         You have not got confused in certificates which "walk" now on Russia? 

Certificates can be divided (shared) into two groups.

Certificates appropriate to the Law of the Russian Federation " About certification of production and services ", and inappropriate to this Law.

          Certificates appropriate to the Law of the Russian Federation " About certification of production and services ":
  •  Certificates obligatory system of certification - are given out by results of obligatory certification by the authorized body of Gosstandart of Russia or other federal enforcement authority (for example, the State fire-prevention service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia). It - certificates of conformity, hygienic, fire safety and others. The given certificate obliges manufacturers to make, for example, the weight in weight precisely 1 kg, and sellers to use only the certificated weight; to make clocks and the alarm clocks measuring second under the uniform standard. The given certificate preserves us against chaos, from some harmful influences on our health, in part provides our safety.  
  •  Certificates of voluntary system of certification - are given out by Body on certification of the System having the state registration (accreditation). One of such systems is the  voluntary Certification System of Information Technologies "CSIT". Voluntary system higher requirements to manufacturing techniques, to quality of production, to quality of rendering of services, to a safety, to protection of your health and your economic interests, as a rule, are established. Requirements of comfort are established, individual requirements of the customer are taken into account, service, other non-standard offers which the manufacturer would like to inform up to the buyer are estimated and to receive advantages in the market. This certificate - acknowledgement (confirmation) of higher requirements to consumer parameters of production. In conditions of market economy the certificate, confirming the certain characteristics, gives a product of advantage before analogues.  
The certificates which are not appropriate to the Law of the Russian Federation " About certification of production and services ":
  • Certificates on the termination (ending) of training courses. An example: the Firm making a product or rendering service, with a view of advertising and receptions of additional incomes instead of preparing the good user documentation on production will carry out (spend) training courses for users and gives out the certificate on the right of use. If to be exact is not the certificate, and the certificate on the termination (ending) of rates. Advertising is it is presented as the right of use. (Absurdity: to end a rate of using a teapot, to receive the certificate on the right of use of a teapot, and if you not "teapot", you can use a teapot.) 
  • The certificate of firms of fans (amateurs) to earn. It became fashionable to brag of every possible licenses, certificates and the other solidly made out documents. Why on it to earn? Also there are firms as in that remarkable film - the seller scoops a wine from one tub, spills in bottles and pastes different labels.  The good certificate is necessary for the good enterprise. Please! Was found, for example, "quick" the firm which has given out certificate Richter that he the class musician .  
  • The certificate of firm of the manufacturer which certifies, that given production is production of this firm. Such certificate of the buyer misleads. Under covering of the similar certificate and a solid name of firm quite often deliver bad quality production.    
  • The certificate of nonexistent firms. Today it is possible to meet on products of wide consumption a label with "certificates". On a label beautiful phrases describe advantages of a product and, that these advantages are confirmed with independent certification of the given firm. Essential elements of firm, neither State registration number, nor the Mark of conformity, except for the name, no and if also is by the phone nobody answers, and on the specified post address anybody will not send the letter. But image of low-grade production is lifted. The certificate has worked. Production is sold.  

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